Jojo’s Wire Car – Lesson ideas

Veronica is available forreduced studio reading
Jojo’s Wire Car  and speaking about how she went about writing and illustrating her books, to schools in Devon and Cornwall.

Veronica can be booked for morning sessions. For further details and rates, please message Veronica on the homepage.

Jojo’s Wire Car is an excellent way to introduce children to a different culture and way of life.

There are numerous ways in which Jojo’s Wire Car can be linked in with curriculum work in PSHE:

• relationships • different types of worldwide families • types of housing • bereavement • friendships • child carers • entrepreneurial ideas • home life in different countries • determination in difficulties and being resourceful • being happy without much money • using imagination and creativity to transform situations.

There are also many ways to link in with Geography (Africa), Design and Technology (designing your own toys), Art and Science.

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On the Activity Page you can find colouring pictures and a Picture Detective Game...

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Veronica supports Wamumbi Orphan Care in Kenya and World Bicycle Relief.