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Dan Blowes: The books are just fantastic stories, I have two sons, Drew who’s 6 and Oscar who is just about to turn 4, and the Landy/Fender books are their favourites, every night I read two books to them at bed time and 9 times out of ten one of them is by Veronica.

These are my special precious times with my Boys, it is just the three of us, snuggled up on the bed, calming down with a beautiful story before sleep time. One day the boys won’t want me to read to them at bedtime, so I love every second of reading time, and the Landy series is just a lovely way to end the day. I hope the series continues past Fender goes to Africa. Thank you for the many blissful hours reading to my sons.

Fender Goes to Africa: The newest in the series was always going to be a hit with our daughter thanks to the combination of two of her favourite things – Giraffes and Land Rovers.
We have three of the other books in this series already and they are books that we go back to time and time again. The first Fender book being a favourite as it looks at; pollution, beach cleaning, wildlife rescue, recycling and road signs.
The illustrations in all the books are beautiful and very detailed. A is always spotting small things in them to talk about. The stories too have lots of hidden information within them. This one is no different, it’s actually possibly one of the most detailed of the series that we’ve read so far. There’s so much information in here on the geography of Africa with lots of countries mentioned, types of wild animals found there, lifestyles, malaria. It’s just a really beautiful story which like all her books inspired conversation, further investigation, and tapped into existing knowledge too.
We also loved the nod to two of Lamond’s other books: a Landy book Dan reads to some children and characters from JoJo’s wire car who appear at the end of the book – it’s the kind of consistency and familiarity that really appeals to her. My aim this year is to complete our collection of these books. They tie in really nicely to some lovely learning topics and are so gentle and enjoyable. They really catch A’s attention and imagination. They make lovely themed tuff tray small world’s too. She’s over 5 now and we started reading them when she was 2, and she still loves them. Amazon review

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Joanne Armstrong (Good Reads): These are wonderful books with absolutely stunning illustrations. I absolutely love what Veronica Lamond has created here – and being an indie author myself I can truly appreciate the effort and hard work she has put in to have this top quality product available to the world.
The story is perfect, and perfectly told. The illustrations are skillful and gorgeous. Her three books have been found at a Land Rover dealership way down here in Christchurch New Zealand, and I am thrilled that her net has been cast so wide.
Thank you Veronica for your wonderful stories. I wish that all books my children are growing up with – that are published by big name authors and publishers – were as perfect as yours. 

Sharon: I just wanted to let you know how much my son Harry (age 6) truly loves your Landybooks. He is a very, very reluctant reader and we are having such a hard time getting him to read and write, so much so that his teacher told me at Parents Evening that she does not know what else to do and has given up. This I found heartbreaking.
However, as Harry is absolutely Land Rover mad, he adores your books. We have bought all of them and read them all of the time. We cannot wait for the next one. Your illustrations are absolutely beautiful also.
As a mum I just wanted to thank you for creating such beautiful books which my little boy adores. Thank you and please keep up your wonderful work

Richard: I bought the three first Landybooks for my daughter Emma, which you kindly signed. Of all her books and toys, her Landy books have really been cherished and so remain in good condition.  I have ordered Fender’s Day at the Harbour and would be grateful if you could sign it? Landy is simply brilliant so I am really pleased he drives again! 

I would like to say that your Landy and Fender books are amazing! My son who is 2 loves them and I have to read them every night for his bedtime story. I have been doing this for about a year now. ..we love all your illustrations.

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Richard Brigg: We first discovered the Landy books at a Land Rover show when our little boy was aged 2. I have loved reading them to him over the years and have now had a year of him reading them back to me now he is 7. We love them all for their beautiful and detailed illustrations and heart-warming tales of true to life adventures.

There really are Jack’s and Dan’s out there having real adventures of their own and our Alexander can imagine growing up and having adventures of his own too. And what better way to help develop that imagination than by getting to meet the real Landy himself at one of Veronicas appearances at a show. I’ll never forget Alexander’s excitement on seeing him for the first time. “It’s Landy from my books!”.

As much as I love many of Alexander’s other books Veronica’s stories are a welcome break from the worlds of pirates, aliens, monsters, or underpants or of magic and fantasy and are a change from the many that are written in rhyme. They hark back to an era of books of giving trains and vehicles characters and personalities but bring it up to date such that you when you go and about and little ones see real Land Rovers about their work, they can wonder what they are up to.
Finally, as an adult reader I adore the way that she has illustrated and woven in little details and cameo appearances of real vehicles, people and places. Like a little treasure hunt you can go online from time to time and look up one or two. Like the Great Western 43017! Perhaps it was on its way back to Paddington Station. How many can you spot? I dearly hope Veronica continues these tales and we get to read more of what Landy and all his friends get up to.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jacks-tool-box.jpg We now have Jojo’s Wire Car and he loves this book so much – he gets so all excited when Jojo wins the yellow bike. Keep up your fab work and we can’t wait for more Landy adventures. Angela and Hunter.

I have just come across your website and found the ultimate christening present for a friend of mine! I’ve just found out my dad bought a hardback copy of Landy a few weeks back!

He was keeping it just in case I ever have children!!  Ben     cute duckcute duck

Kate: I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading Landy. My boyfriend is Land Rover mad and when my best friend saw your book she couldn’t resist buying it for us for Christmas. I was in fits of laughter reading it as Jack sounds very similar to my boyfriend. Never mind being suitable for 4 years and upwards this story has highly entertained some 20 something year olds. Looking forward to the next story! 

James Brackenbury: My son’s absolutely adore the Landy books. It’s a special time that they always want me to read them the books. We have all in our collection and they get to pick 2 from the set. It’s always a different combination of what 2. I’m not sure why they want me to read them over mum but it’s a special time

Lorraine Liyanage: My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves this book; she is Landy obsessed and requests it several times during the day as well as DEMANDING it at bedtime! Thanks for this wonderful creation. 

My son loves this book! He has followed me around all day saying “book, daddy, book!” I think I’ve read it about 20 times today! Well done! Greg

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Richard Gibbons: My wife  brought the Landy and Fender books to read to our granddaughter Lowen. We all loved them so much that we bought the rest. Lowen loves having them read to her and she snuggles in with big smiles.
It’s wonderful to see and hear her comment on all the characters. We don’t think much of the rude Pickup! These books are a true treasure and are already becoming firm favourites !

ROS: Kit was 3 in April and can remember every page word for word; he has to ring me up to read ME the whole story before his parents can put him to bed. You have certainly had a huge impact with so many children. Well done!

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My grandson only three but he loves Landy and now Fender is his new favourite.  I’ve just finished reading both to him before he went to sleep and I find they are just right for him as the language and opportunities for special grandpa voices really hit the spot! John

‘…your pictures are so beautiful they make the story come alive. Good luck with your books, a real inspiration.’ Angie

… the Landy book is adorable. I have never seen a self published book look so pro and the pictures are just so amazing… it’s so unique to read such a story.  Ginny

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is apple.jpg Emmanuel: It was such a good surprise to discover your book.  We are reading it every evening before going to bed for 10 days now!  We just love this book. You did a fantastic job, the drawings are so nice.  Congratulations again.. 

Landy mania” also continues on the road, as whenever we pass a Defender, whether it is brand new or 50 years old, we hear the cry from the back,Look Daddy, Landy!

I have yet to bring one of our Defender Demonstrators home, as I suspect he will never get out of it and we’ll end up sleeping overnight on the floor…Anyway, just thought I’d share those thoughts with you, your book has brought a huge amount of pleasure to at least one little boy and for that I’m very grateful….David

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Can I start by saying how my son, Xander 3, and myself enjoy your books. Ever since we bought them in Rick Steins shop, Padstow they have been read religiously and we never bore of them, in fact we were that drawn to Landy and Fender that we’ve gone and bought our own! Anyhow, we were wondering when your next instalment is coming out as we can’t wait.. Sandy

Hattie: George, my 2 year old son, simply adores the book and we have to read it every night.  We ended up buying a Land rover because the books brought us so much joy and my son loves travelling in it. Thank you for printing such wonderful books, they really do bring us such pleasure when we read them.  The illustrations are beautiful. Good luck and I hope to see many more stories about Landy’s adventures in the future. 

Thank you very much for this very beautifully illustrated book. I bought it in first place for myself, but will also read it to my 2 little nieces. Can’t wait till the next book is published. Kind regards, George

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Chad: These books are absolutely fantastic! We love Land Rovers and so when he would see me reading my magazines, my son wondered if there were any children’s books about a Land Rover. I remember seeing an excellent review on the Landy book in one of my U.K. Land Rover magazines and immediately knew I had to get them.

My son and I love the individual stories that each one tells. You really bond with the characters and of course Landy and his friends. My son even had to get a special book case just for his Landy books. Lol. 3 years since we purchased them as he still loves reading them like the first day. Every time we see a Land Rover he instantly thinks of Landy and his friends.

Not only are the books excellent but Veronica is also all about her readers and fans. We are located in the U.S. And when we purchased the books, signed copies were not available but my son definitely wanted a signature by the author of his favorite book series. Veronica went above and beyond to make sure he received her signature over here. He was so excited when he received her letter.

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