Landybooks in Schools

Veronica Lamond (4)A croppedTeaching Pack Cover

This is the download link for the Landy Teaching Resource Pack:



We hope this pack will inspire you and your children to do some wonderful learning!

Packs on the other books will be available later this year.

Veronica is available for reading her Landybooks and speaking about how she goes about writing, illustrating & publishing her books, to schools in Devon and Cornwall. If your school is further afield please still contact us as, if you can find several other schools in your area who are also interested, it might be possible for Veronica to make the trip to visit you all.
Veronica can be booked for  morning or whole day sessions and block bookings.
For further details and rates, please message Veronica on the home page.

After Veronica has visited, children are often inspired to write their adventure stories for Landy and Fender… or even stories of  other Land Rovers in different countries. In the resource pack are a whole variety of inspiring ideas for cross curricular work.

Here are some wonderful Landys and Fenders made at

Connor Downs School:

Landys and Fenders  Made at Connor Downs036

Click & download this link for some ideas for working with children:

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth
Head Teacher of Torpoint Infant School comments:

“Our Year 1 classes began to think about Land Rovers following the arrival of the first Landybook as a ‘WOW’ moment.

The four classes then studied Land Rovers around the world and the various roles that they undertake: medical, engineering, rescue, police, fire fighters, aid workers, environmental…
As we are a naval town, they also looked at how Land Rovers are used in the Armed Forces.
Lewis Pearson's DrawingFender children 2  Dan and the seal

The children loved the book about the farm and we brought in an old Land Rover for the children to sit in and see.
They wrote three songs about Land Rovers and took an assembly for their parents.  

 All in all the children studied the Landybooks for over half a term and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The theme particularly excited the boys who were keen to read and write about Land Rovers.

These are great books that excite all our children and led to some
fantastic learning!”

Mike in Nairobi (2)matching eyes - Palu's birthday gift 2010, written in CornwallAndrew and LandyTeaching Pack Cover

Photograph of Veronica courtesy of Paul Roper