Landy and Friends Books

 The Landy and Friends series of books engage children in diverse, real life activities through the lovable, animated characters of Landy (1956 Series 1) and Fender (1999 Defender).     

Veronica set out to create inspirational and practical picture books for young children.

“Wherever I went, I noticed Land Rovers at work. Capturing this sense of activity and adventure, I began to weave a world around two old working Land Rovers in my neighbourhood. The stories are based on Landy and Fender and their energetic young owners, Jack and Dan.

Jack and Landy fender and danheader landy and fender

header landy (2) Books in the series:
 Landy, tells of Jack finding Landy abandoned at the bottom of a field and they then start their new life together.
Fender – we meet Landy’s friend who lives near the beach. The story is based around a beach clean-up and how Fender and  Dan rescue a seal pup.
 Landy’s New Home tells us how Jack and Landy set up their small holding and make homes for all the animals…
Fender’s Day at the Harbour, here we return again to the coast and hear of Jack and Dan going fishing while Fender spends the day at the harbour.
Landy and the Apple Harvest -Landy helps Jack bring the harvest home and there’s lots of fun to be had.
Fender and the Cliff Rescue tells of Dan and Fender helping a friend in danger.
Landy at the Factory  is an exciting story of Landy’s birthday treat – an invitation to visit the real Defender Factory in Solihull.
Fender Goes to Africa Dan  and Fender go on their big adventure, travelling from Cairo to Cape Town. They have lots of adventures along the way … and even meet Jojo who gives Dan a present! (Jojo is the main character in Veronica’s book ‘Jojo’s Wire Car‘)


Landy and the Apple Harvest Small Cover Fender and the Cliff Rescue Small Cover Landy at the factory Cover (1) Fender Goes to Africa Cover

The seventh special edition Landybook   Three weeks before Defender production stopped at the end of January, Land Rover challenged Veronica to write a story about Landy visiting the factory and this book is the outcome…then they opened the factory for her on a Sunday so she could take all the reference images. All the people in the book are the real people who were working on Defender 2 week before production stopped.
Landy at the Factory will be of interest to adults and children alike.
Landy at the factory Cover (1)     bulkhead thru window at factory

See the Landy and Friends books brought to life in these lovely little videos:



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