Landy and Friends Teaching Resource Packs

Free Landy and Friends Teaching Resources for Schools and Home Schooling

The Landy and Friends books have always been popular with primary schools and primary school children.  Both teachers and parents find these packs very useful as they are full of KS1 cross curricular ideas linked in with the stories (they can be used without the books as well). Veronica enjoys sharing these free, comprehensive and imaginative  Teaching Resource Packs with any one who would find them helpful. They can also form a basis for exciting project work .

Click on the links below to download the free Teaching Resource Packs

Teaching Pack 1 is based on the first Landy Book and Teaching Pack 2 is based on Fender, the second book in the series and Teaching Pack 3 is based on Landy’s New Home. They  include a huge selection of resources ideal for Key Stage 1 including:

Science and Animal Science, Recycling

Story Writing Skills and Comprehension

English – Nouns, Adjectives , Verbs, Tense and Keywords

Feelings and Emotions Worksheet and Art Projects

Numbers and Maths

We hope these packs will inspire you and your children to do some wonderful learning!

Buy the Books

The Teaching Resource Packs can be used on their own, but you might find they work even better alongside the books. 

The Landy and Friends series engages children in diverse, real life activities through the lovable, animated characters of Landy (a 1956 Series 1 Land Rover) and Fender (a 1999 Defender). There are 8 story books in the series and they can all be bought here.

School Review: 

“Our Year 1 classes began to think about Land Rovers following the arrival of the first Landybook as a ‘WOW’ moment. The four classes then studied Land Rovers around the world and the various roles that they undertake: medical, engineering, rescue, police, fire fighters, aid workers, environmental…”

The children loved the book about the farm and we brought in an old Land Rover for the children to sit in and see.They wrote three songs about Landy And Fender and took an assembly for their parents.

All in all the children studied the Landybooks for over half a term and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The theme particularly excited the boys who were keen to read and write about Land Rovers.

These are great books that excite all our children and led to some fantastic learning!”

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth, Head Teacher of Torpoint Infant School