Readers’ Picture Page

Here are lots of happy Landy and Fender readers from around the world!

If you’d like your picture on this page, please message us and we’ll send you details of how to send it. We’d love to see you with your books!

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Landy by James & Wills for FB India with her books 2 for FBHamish       JULIAN FROM POLAND AND DAD
Lisa Campbell's son in CT Katie Dumont's daughter 2
Dorothy and Dad crop        patrick

John MckenzieOliverLeanne Drinkwaters son in Switzerland

Chase with his books in Lockdown

Grandpa Robert and Alfie  Eddie
USA reader 2James and his books

Roo's BabyOliver's World Book Day             Rosie's son austin 2fender-costume036   Fionn and Tiga 

Leo        Leah 2 years on

Howard and Caitlin       little Landygarry-stuarts-grandson-landy-costumeTomhelen-jones-boy  

Devon in New Jerseyamys-boyjack-and-landy  baby-lunaBronwyn and her sister in Australiatom-and-maddy 22 May 2011. Canberra Times. NEWS. Photo Lannon Harley.Bree    Mike in Nairobi    Oliver in North Wales
christopher FionaAmy in Kenya Leah   new one  Reecematching eyes - Palu's birthday gift 2010, written in Cornwall  Story Time Charlie dressed as Fender

harry 2 Jude

Ed and DadSandy and Xander with Percy  Jess and Scoobs in HampshireBeatrice and Shammin     Alex and Elsie in Kent Tyler and Landy              Elly in Australia  Joshi Driving LANDYClaremont Reader cropped

Karen and Nico in South Africa  Martha's little boy croppedCameron and Fender in London

unnamedAndrew and Ben in CumbriaIris and Landy in Sri Lanka

William   Emma and her Landybooks      Sam in Warwickshire      Matt in London     193 iona Ben and Hannah  WP_000274

Landy GirlsTrevor
imageWilf and Veronica at Waterstones May 2015 Sandra in Kenya

Lucy and Richard the Printer image1