Jojo’s Wire Car

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This is another charming and heart-warming story for both boys and girls, which takes the reader into the life of an African village.

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Jojo’s Wire Car  has caught the essence of what, to most people, would be a pretty ordinary rural event seen throughout Africa. However, when you read Jojo’s Wire Caryou realise that it actually embodies the ubiquitous term “Ubuntu” (human kindness).

Jojo is a busy little boy who lives with his granny.
He is expected to help with the chores, do well in school and also help earn money. One day, a Wire Car Competition is announced and, along with all the other village children, Jojo enters to try to win the prize.

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The story covers how one must use one’s abilities of ingenuity, responsibility, resourcefulness, honesty, friendship and perseverance to achieve a rewarding goal.

It also highlights the extraordinary talents of the wirework artists  in African countries – they must have started off in a similar way.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Veronica Lamond’s watercolour drawings which capture the rural setting perfectly and her characters are believable and very likeable.
This book will appeal to young readers and their parents can help awaken the underlying moral message.

A quintessential African story –  Review by Cherry MacIldowie
Art news from Kwazulu- Natal

 5 stars: Wonderful and inspiring story for young people
23 May 2018 – Published on

Jojo’s Wire Car is now also available as a Kindle edition.

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